Quality Management - our key to success

The high standards of our customers, suppliers, personnel and authorities are our
motivation for a holistic quality concept with the following main points:

•    Certified processes according to EN 9120
- continuous monitoring, updating and documentation of all processes
- strict selection of suppliers and continuous assessment
- maximum attention with regard to risks, product compliance, material origin
- faultless traceability as well as documentation and data archiving
- professional handling of non-conformities
- sustainable handling of resources
- good occupational safety and health protection
- high standard of ethics and moral

•    Perfection in day-to-day operations
- maximum customer satisfaction always the focus of our activities
- high level of commitment at all stages
- high standard of reliability with regard to availability, quality and adherence to deadlines
- good network of relationships and friendly communication
- competent employees with a high level of quality awareness
- minimising defects by means of CIP