BIBUS METALS GmbH is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Quality and Quality Management is for the entire BIBUS METALS group since many years a very important base for being a reliable partner in the segment of high-performance materials.

After BIBUS METALS GmbH, Essen (Germany), one of the leading distributors of nickel- and nickelbased alloys, has launched a modern ERP-System at beginning 2021, they now have taken the next step: Having the quality system certified by the TUEV. This means for the customers of BIBUS METALS GmbH:

  • continuous monitoring, updating and documentation of all processes
  • strict selection of suppliers and continuous assessment
  • maximum attention with regard to risks, product compliance, material origin
  • faultless traceability as well as documentation and data archiving
  • professional handling of non-conformities
  • sustainable handling of resources
  • good occupational safety and health protection
  • high standard of ethics and moral

BIBUS METALS GmbH thus continues to build on the highest value: the long-standing and trusting relationship with customers, partners and suppliers: Supporting Your Success!